• "A single rate for all my communications
    in Europe and the US!"

Tango Enterprise is the ideal subscription for those whose usage is moderate. Enjoy optimal network coverage across Europe. The 5G network offers a download speed of 250 Mbps! And to take advantage of our ultra-fast 5G speeds, just make sure you're using a compatible smartphone in the areas covered.

Your benefits with Tango Enterprise

• A single rate of €0,06 per unit
• A 5G network and its ultra-fast speed
• Communicate anywhere in Europe

With Tango Enterprise, you can:

  • make calls from Luxembourg to Europe and the United States
  • make calls, send text messages and enjoy mobile Internet everywhere in Europe
  • make calls and send text messages from Europe to the United States
  • make calls, send text messages and take advantage of mobile Internet in the United States
  • make calls from the United States to Europe

Would you like to change or terminate your subscription?

No problem.
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Conditions and garantees

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: