• With this option,
    I can surf even more!

Discover the advantages of our Data Extension option

With our Data Extension option, make the most of 5GB of national data for only €4,27 per month. Surf, share and much more every month!

Details and description

The Data Extension option is your solution for more surfing, more sharing and much more.

Why choose our Data Extension option?
The Data Extension option enables you to increase your data volume in Luxembourg. You benefit from 5GB of national data on top of the data volume already included in your Tango Smart LU Bizz for only €4,27 per month.
And control your data consumption on our MyTango App.

This option is compatible with:

  • Tango Smart LU Bizz and Tango Smart LU Bizz +

How to subscribe

  Contact our Business Customer Service

  Contact our sales team

Conditions and guarantees

This option is not subject to a minimum commitment period.

The credit that is not used during the current month cannot be transferred over to the next month.

This option cannot be cumulated.

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: