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Tango Fibre Bizz

Higher performance, lower costs

Why choose Tango Fibre Bizz?

Ultra fast Internet, up to 2 Gbit/s

Internet from day 1

Fixed line included

Free installation and cabling

The high-quality Optic Fibre in Luxembourg

Tango offers Fibre Internet connection at 2Gbit/s. This speed allows you, for example, to experience high-quality video conferencing, as well as to upload and download large files in a matter of seconds.

Internet from day 1

We know how important it is to be online - especially for our enterprise clients. That's why we offer a 4G SIM card with 75Gb of data from the first day of your contract, so you can immediately connect to the internet from your office (either with a Hotspot Mobile or a smartphone).

Landline included

All our Tango Fibre Bizz plans include a landline to receive calls at no additional cost. All outgoing calls will be charged by the minute. To benefit from preferential rates, we recommend choosing one of our Pack Communications Fixe Bizz options, which includes calls to landlines and mobiles in Luxembourg and 36 international destinations in Europe, plus the United States and Canada. 

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Free installation and cabling

All Tango Fibre Bizz M, L, and XL plans include free installation and cabling (standard value: 399€). For Tango Fibre S, these costs are limited to 85,47€. An extra fee may be charged in case of complex installations, and only after acceptance by the client (this happens in about 10% of all installations).

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As a general guideline, the installation of Tango Fibre Bizz takes between 2 and 4 weeks. Until then, you can take advantage of a free 4G connection via hotspot or smartphone from the day you sign your Fibre Bizz contract up to three months (limited to 75GB/month).

From the signing of your contract to the installation, everything is done to make your life easier. Your advantages with Tango:

Enjoy your Internet connection from day one.

Since no one likes to wait, Tango offers you a 4G connection the very day you sign up for your Tango Fibre Bizz plan. Upon visiting one of our points of sale, our employees will provide you with a 4G+ SIM card with 75 GB/month of data, valid for three months. Combined with a Mobile Hotspot, at a preferential price, this solution allows you to immediately connect all your devices to Wi-Fi.

Make yourself comfortable and enjoy a high-quality connection right away. As a guideline, it takes between 2 to 4 weeks to complete a fibre installation.


We take over the installation fees for Fibre M, L, or XL

For any subscription to a Tango Fibre M, L or XL plan, we take over the cabling and installation costs. For Fibre S, the cabling and installation costs amount to 85,47€. An extra fee may be billed in case of complex installation and only after acceptance of the quote by the client. For information, this concerns about 10% of cases.

For Tango Internet, the management fee of 49€ is offered in case of self-installation (subject to eligibility).
The installation of the offer Tango Internet with intervention of a technician is billed.


Will the technician come by soon?

Enjoy even greater flexibility for your installation. When you sign up in a point of sale, you and our team set the date that suits you best. We work according to an extended timetable, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and even on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

On the day of installation, you can interact directly with our technician remotely, thanks to our Web App (You will receive the link via SMS). You will be alerted 45 minutes before the technician arrives and can even follow his route on a map.*

*This means that you no longer need to keep your day free for the technician.

Additional details about the installation packs

xDSL installation pack

This includes management fees, Internet and landline charges: placement and configuration of your modem and fixed telephone, travel expenses for our technicians, a functional test, and it excludes internal cabling costs.

Fibre installation package

This includes management fees, installation of an NTP terminal socket and an ONT box in your home, Internet and landline charges: placement and configuration of your modem and fixed telephone,  travel expenses for our technicians, a functional test, and it excludes internal cabling costs.

Self-installation package

This includes management fees, handling and shipping costs of the equipment.

Activation fee

An activation fee of 49€ will be charged for any subscription to a plan including an Internet connection.

Landline telephony

All Tango Fibre Bizz plans include a landline on which your contacts can call you. You will also be able to make calls. In this case, the service will be charged at the per minute rate. If you have to make calls regularly, we advise you to subscribe to one of our Pack Communication Fixe Bizz. Depending on your needs, it will allow you to enjoy preferential rates for your calls to landlines and mobiles in Luxembourg and to 38 international destinations: Europe, the United States, and Canada.

To purchase a Tango Fibre Bizz plan, please contact our sales team.

Vous êtes à la recherche d'une offre fibre optique adaptée à vos besoins d'entreprise ? Tango Fibre Bizz est la solution pour vous. Faites l'expérience d'une connexion internet accélérée avec la fibre haut débit la plus rapide du Luxembourg, jusqu'à 2 Gbit/s.