Did you receive a letter from the government telling you that you are a beneficiary of the cost-of-living allowance? Your address is therefore eligible for the "Connectivity Voucher" and you can benefit from a discount of €10 per month on your Tango internet subscription (see section "Which internet offer is eligible?")

You can enable your "Connectivity voucher" at any time and the discount will be applied to the current month's bill.

If you wish to benefit from the voucher from the first month, you have until January 31, 2023 to register your "Connectivity voucher" in one of our Tango shops.

How to activate your Connectivity Voucher?

  • I am already a Tango internet customer

You can activate your Connectivity Voucher at any time by going to your nearest Tango shop and presenting your Connectivity Voucher sent by the government.

The discount will be visible on your next invoice. However, it will not be applied retroactively.

  • I'm not yet a Tango internet customer

Go to the nearest Tango shop provided with the letter sent by the government to subscribe to a Tango internet subscription. 

The discount will be applied to the bill for the current month after installation and activation of your internet line.

In case of additional questions regarding the Connectivity Voucher, go to: https://voucher.myconnectivity.lu


Which internet offer is eligible?

Most Tango internet offers are eligible except:

- Tango ADSL - up to 20 Mbps
- Tango ADSL - 
up to 10 Mbps
- Tango ADSL - up to 5 Mbps

My address does not match the address on the voucher received

The Connectivity voucher is only valid for internet connections at the address mentioned on the voucher.

If you have recently changed your address, please provide us with your change of address certificate to activate the voucher at your new address.

More questions?

If you cannot go to a Tango shop, you can also send your request via our contact form.

To complete your request via the form:

  1.  Select the "Administrative" category
  2.  Select the "Application for expensive life allowance" subject
  3. Complete your information
  4. Attach a copy of your "Connectivity Voucher" directly to the form.

You will then receive a confirmation by SMS that your Connectivity Voucher has been successfully validated and applied.

Do you still have questions? Visit our Forum to ask your question.