What is roaming?

You’re in roaming mode whenever you use your mobile telephone from a country other than Luxembourg. When you travel, you use a Tango partner operator’s network. This operator bills Tango for the cost of using their network and these costs are then passed on to you. This is why using your mobile abroad used to involve additional costs.

What's changing?

From 15th June 2017, most current packages offered by operators will be updated to be in line with the new European regulation on the end of roaming, which aims to promote communications within the European area without additional costs.The regulations allow operators to apply caps to the usable data ("Fair Usage Policy") for roaming in Europe, under a fixed formula.

You can find more information on the regulation here: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/roaming

This video lets you see what has changed for you at Tango:

What about me?

Tango has opted to modify its mobile packages ahead of time! For the sake of transparency and simplicity, we have decided not to apply the "Fair Usage Policy": from today, all of your communications are included in the changes to Tango Smart subscriptions.

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