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Mobile Internet Pass Mobile Internet Pass

Mobile Internet à la carte!

Detailed description

The Internet with no commitment!

Mobile Internet Pass is a prepaid mobile Internet solution. You recharge your Internet consumption credit when you like. That way, you have total control over your budget. This commitment-free solution allows you to connect to the Internet wherever you are in Luxembourg without receiving a bill at the end of the month.

This offer is compatible with any hardware that supports a micro SIM card.


All unlimited services are subject to conditions of fair and responsible use, details of which are given on the “Conditions & Guarantees” tab.



Several packs are available:


Number of days of connection

Download volume


2 300MB €5
10 1.5GB €15
20 3GB €25
30 4.5GB €35

Charging basis: 1KB


The number of days of connection are not necessarily consecutive.

Tango Mobile ADSL subscriptions only include traffic to and from the Tango Mobile national network.

Please note that the costs of using this service abroad vary according to the geographical area you are in.

These costs can be very high and intensive use could cost hundreds of euros.


The 3G USB stick is specially designed to operate on the Tango Mobile network.

It allows download speeds of up to 7.2Mbit/s thanks to HSPA technology.

It comes preconfigured and is easy to install. It takes just a few minutes to install the software.

Price of the USB 3G stick: 69€.

How to subscribe

To subscribe, you have several Options


For example: send "PASS Internet 30" to activate the Mobile Internet Pass for a 30-day connection.

(1) The amount of the charge will be automatically debited from your prepaid card.

Conditions & guarantees

Conditions of fair and responsible use:

The unlimited data fixed package includes an unlimited volume of data exchange. However, for capacity reasons, beyond 30 GB of volume exchanged, TANGO reserves the right to limit download speeds temporarily, without informing the Customer of this in advance. On these same grounds, TANGO reserves the right to terminate any consecutive sessions lasting for longer than four hours of connection. The Customer hereby undertakes to behave reasonably when s/he accesses and communicates on the TANGO mobile network, as any continuous usage could potentially cause inconvenience to other users. For more information please see the Special Conditions, below.


Commitment conditions:
Mobile Internet Pass prepaid solution only include traffic to and from the Tango Mobile national network.

Mobile Internet Pass prepaid solution let you connect to the Internet via the Tango mobile network. However, usage is different from a fixed ADSL connection.

For conditions of use, please see the Special Conditions of the Tango Mobile ADSL service.

Usage costs abroad can be extremely high. You can block roaming traffic to avoid excess costs.

Here are the codes to text to 62777:

    * to block all roaming traffic (voice, SMS, data): #ROAM#STOP#
    * to unblock all roaming traffic (voice, SMS, data): #ROAM#GO#
    * to check your status: #ROAM#

A confirmation SMS message will be sent to you once your order is received and processed by the system.

Deactivation of blocking by SMS can only be done when you are abroad
For further information on general and special conditions, please use the following links:

    * General Conditions for Tango Services
    * Special Conditions for Tango Mobile Services
    * Extracts from General and Special Conditions for Tango Services
    * Special Conditions relating to the Tango Mobile ADSL service