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First Steps and Configuration of my e-mail addresses


Creating an e-mail address

> How do I create a new e-mail address?

You can create an e-mail address from the Customers Area tab. Be sure to register first. Click on “Create a new e-mail address”. You then have the option of creating up to 5 e-mail addresses.

> Why check the Anti-spam box?

This option means you won’t get unwanted e-mails arriving in your e-mail inbox. If you have more than one address, you need to activate this option for each one.


Using the Tango Mail interface

> How do I access my e mails?

Either go via our home page, Tango Mail or directly to our site Then log in with your e-mail address and associated password.

> What functions does Tango Mail have?

You get up to 300 MB of storage, easier and more comprehensive management of your address book, and lots of other services such as, for example, anti-spam.

* Practical: Send up to 5 free SMS and 5 MMS messages a day to other Tango subscribers.

* Efficient: To make your life easier, we’ve increased your e-mail box capacity to 300 MB.

* Secure: To give you even better protection for your computer, we’ve beefed up security with the integration of anti-virus and anti-spam for everyone.

* Smart: SMS alerts send you a text message every time you receive a new e-mail.



Configure your e-mail address with electronic messaging software

Follow the step-by step instructions in this file. Don’t forget to provide your messaging password.


- User Guide for configuring Tango Mail with Outlook Express®
- User Guide for configuring Tango Mail with Windows Live Mail®

- User Guide for configuring Tango Mail with Outlook 2007®

- User Guide for configuring Tango Mail with iPhone