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Emergencies and faults for my mobile line:


- my prepaid card:


> I entered my refill code and my card is blocked.

If you’ve tried to refill your prepaid card unsuccessfully, the refill function is blocked for 24 hours for security reasons. Please wait 24 hours before refilling your prepaid card

> I’m out of credit, but I need to make an urgent call. How can I do it?

Text toll-free to 62000 containing the call number of the person you want to call you.
This person will receive an SMS message saying "Appelle-moi 691xxxxxx".


- my SIM card:

> I’ve lost my SIM card. What should I do?

The owner of the line needs to call Customer Service to block the SIM card immediately. You need to decide whether you want to receive your new SIM card by regular mail or pick it up from one of our sales outlets. On receipt, you can call back to reactivate your line. In all cases, you keep your mobile number and your subscription.

> My SIM card has stopped working. What should I do?

Try your SIM card in another mobile.
If it works, the problem is with your mobile. We suggest you get it repaired.
If it doesn’t work, call Customer Service or go to a sales outlet to change it. In all cases, you keep your mobile number and your subscription.

> I entered a wrong PIN code 3 times and my SIM card is blocked.

You can unblock your SIM card with your PUK code which can be found on your SIM card (your chip support). If you can’t find your PUK code, the owner of the line can request the code by calling Customer Service.



> I sent an SMS message to a foreign mobile, but the person didn’t receive it.

Receipt of an SMS message from one Tango number to another doesn’t depend on the place it was sent to or from. It should always be delivered.
If this isn’t the case, check that the message center is +352091000030 on both phones.
If the problem persists, call Customer Service.
If you’re trying to send an SMS message to a foreign number, we suggest you check the SMS agreements we have with foreign partner operators.
If the other person isn’t receiving your SMS messages, it’s possible that the foreign operator is blocking receipt of SMS messages.

> I can’t send SMS messages.

If you can’t send or receive SMS messages, first check that the number of our SMS service center, +352091000030, is recorded in your phone’s settings.
If this number is correct on your mobile, please call our Customer Service to report your fault.



> I can’t send or read an MMS message, what can I do?

There could be several reasons for this:

- Your mobile isn’t configured yet; check the First Steps and Configuration section.
- The files sent by MMS (mp3, jpeg…) are not compatible with your mobile.
- You have a prepaid card and you’re abroad; sending MMS messages is impossible.