• "I'm ready to go with
    my Tango prepaid card!"

Advantage 1
National texts*

Advantage 2
National data

Validity of advantages

Credit included

Top-up GO)) €5 (Top-up price) without commitment
250 MB
30 days
Top-up GO)) €10 (Top-up price) without commitment
500 MB
30 days
Top-up GO)) €20 (Top-up price) without commitment
1 GB
30 days
Top-up GO)) €40 (Top-up price) without commitment
2 GB
30 days

Presentation of the Tango Carte Go)) subscriptions

Tango Carte Go)) is our prepaid plan for you.
With our prepaid card, call, text as much as you need within Luxembourg to all operators and surf in Luxembourg. Top-up whenever you want to better control your budget.

Why choose Tango Carte Go))?

  • Use your credit wherever you are, whenever you want and however you want.
  • Benefit from extra texts and data in Luxembourg!
  • Enjoy attractive rates without commitment!
  • Easily refill your card whenever you want, by visiting one of our points of sale, or top-up here online.

How to control your budget?

Send STATUS to 62500 to know the end date of your advantages

Should you want to know the credit available on your Tango carte go)), you can:

Check out the MyTango app to get the details of your consumption as well as the texts and data distribution.

or dial *120#

How to subscribe

First buy your Tango Carte Go)) Starter Pack €10: it includes your mobile number and a €10 credit.

  Visit our nearest Tango point of sale or a Tango reseller.

Conditions and guarantees

Prepaid SIM card validity period
Your SIM card is valid for 9 months from the activation or refill date.

Credit validity period
The credits of a top-up are valid for 6 months. Any unused credit within 6 months will be lost. To avoid any loss of credit, Tango invites you to top-up your prepaid card before the end of the 6 months.

Advantages validity period
Your advantages are valid for 30 days whatever your top-up. If you do not use all the advantages, they will be lost.

* National SMS are included in Tango to Tango, and up to 200 SMS per day and per subscription to POST, Orange and Join.

Any remaining credit on your card is not lost when you make a new top-up. It is automatically added to the credit of the new top-up.

The included communications are subject to strict conditions of use set out in the Specific Terms and Conditions of the Tango Mobile Services. Tango reserves the right to penalize by all means any misuse or fraudulent use of the service and/or use without due care and attention, and to charge the normal applicable rate for communications that are not included.

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: