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National text messages to all national operators

National calls to fixed lines

National calls to Tango lines

National calls to other national operators

Tango Pronto €0 (Top-up price) without commitment
Peak hours: €0.2543/min
Off-peak hours: €0.1221/min
Peak hours: €0.2035
Off-peak hours: €0.1730

Presentation of the Tango Pronto subscriptions

Tango Pronto is the prepaid card for people who want to be reachable, without having to top their cards up every month. You get a good rate for making calls and sending texts in Luxembourg and you can top up whenever you want, which means that you can keep your budget under control.

Why choose Tango Pronto?

  • An advantageous rate for making calls and sending text messages in Luxembourg
  • You top up whenever you want, which allows you to control your budget

Validity period of the prepaid card:

Old prepaid card topped up before 27/06/2013

12 months from the activation or top-up date

Old prepaid card topped up after 27/06/2013

9 months from the activation or top-up date

New prepaid card

9 months from the activation or top-up date

Validity period of top-ups:


Validity of your top-up

€ 5

3 months

€ 10

6 months

€ 20

9 months

€ 40

9 months

The validity periods of the credit can be combined to a total of 9 months.
Any remaining credit on your card will not be lost when you make a new top-up. It is automatically added to your remaining credit.

To find out about the rules on migrating between the Tango Prepaid services, consult the following link: Tango Prepaid cards - Migration rules.

How to subscribe

To become a Tango Pronto customer, simply buy a €10 Tango Pronto prepaid card which includes a SIM card with €10 of credit and a mobile number.

  The Tango Pronto prepaid card is available in all our points of sale and all authorized resellers.

Conditions and guarantees

The included communications are subject to strict conditions of use set out in the Specific Terms and Conditions of the Tango Mobile Services. Tango reserves the right to penalize by all means any misuse or fraudulent use of the service and/or use without due care and attention, and to charge the normal applicable rate for communications that are not included.

Charging basis: 60/15

Peak hours: Mon-Fri from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Off-peak hours: Mon-Fri 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. + weekends and holidays

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: