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National calls/texts/MMS

National data

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Tango Smart LU M €15 per month (commitment 12 months)
5 GB
Tango Smart LU L €25 per month (commitment 12 months)
15 GB

Presentation of the Tango Smart LU subscriptions

With the Tango Smart LU subscriptions, you don’t have to worry about a thing. All your communications in Luxembourg are included in your subscription: calls, texts, MMS, mobile Internet, etc.

Why choose Tango Smart LU?

  • Enjoy unlimited communications in Luxembourg.
  • Benefit from the best national rates on the market!
  • Surf the net as much as you want in Luxembourg. Need more? Receive 5 GB additional national data with the Data Extension option.
  • Experience our 4G+/4G+ network for the fastest Internet ever. Streaming of videos, music, games, videoconferencing, etc. Everything is more instantaneous!

Want to travel abroad and remain accessible? With the Tango Smart LU subscriptions, all your roaming communications are blocked. However, you can migrate to a Tango Smart subscription which includes roaming calls, texts, MMS and data in Europe. How? It’s very simple:

  • Are you still in Luxembourg? Visit a point-of-sale or call our Customer Service toll-free on 800 777 77.
  • Already abroad? Call our Customer Service on +352 691 700 777.

How to subscribe

 Visit your nearest Tango point-of-sale

 Contact our Customer Service

Conditions and guarantees

National calls, texts and MMS texts are included. Fair Usage Policy of 6.000 national communication units, excluding premium numbers, fax and video telephony.

National mobile Internet is included, with 5 GB/month for Tango Smart LU M/M+ subscriptions and 15 GB/month for Tango Smart LU L/L+ subscriptions.

Calls, texts and MMS to a foreign country (from Luxembourg) are not included in your subscription. They will be billed at the applicable rate of your rate plan. To control your spending, you can subscribe to a Europe option (Europe 2H or Europe 5H) which includes international calls.

Abroad, your communications (calls, texts, MMS and data) are blocked by default, except for the international number of our Customer Service.

Use with due diligence applies. You will be billed for any communications not included in the bundle.

The ultra-fast service is available subject to the availability of 4G+ coverage and a compatible device.

For more details and conditions, please refer to the documents below: