• "All my communications are
    fully included in Europe!”

Calls/texts/MMS in Europe

Data in Europe

Not sure? Assess your data consumption
Tango Smart S €17 per month (commitment 12 months)
2.000 units
2 GB
Tango Smart M €27 per month (commitment 12 months)
5,5 GB
Tango Smart L €38 per month (commitment 12 months)
11 GB
Tango Smart XL €48 per month (commitment 12 months)
22 GB
Tango Smart XXL €80 per month (commitment 12 months)
40 GB

Presentation of the Tango Smart subscriptions

With Tango Smart subscriptions you no longer have to worry about a single thing, as all of your communications are included both in Luxembourg and in the rest of Europe!

Since June 15, 2017 calls, texts, MMS messages and mobile data are billed at the same tariff anywhere in Europe, whether you’re in your own country or travelling within the European Union. All of your communications in Europe are included in Tango Smart* subscriptions as from today, without any distinctions being made. The Tango Smart offerings are simple and advantageous!

* When you sign up to any Tango Smart S/S+, M/M+, L/L+, XL/XL+ or XXL/XXL+ subscription with effect from 04/04/2017.

Why choose Tango Smart subscriptions?

  •  Take advantage of offerings which are already compatible with the new European regulation on roaming
  •   Communicate in the same way anywhere in Europe!
  •   Get the most attractive volume of calls on the market, covering both Luxembourg and the rest of Europe!
  •  Experience our 4G/4G+ network for the fastest Internet ever. Video and music streaming, games, videoconferencing, etc. It’s all instantaneous!

How to sign up

 Visit your nearest Tango point of sale

 Contact our Customer Service department

Conditions and guarantees

Tango Smart S/S+, M/M+, L/L+, XL/XL+ and XXL/XXL+ subscriptions include:

  • voice, text, MMS and data communications sent and received from the Tango national network
  • voice, text and MMS communications sent from Luxembourg to Europe
  • voice, text, MMS and data communications sent from Europe to Luxembourg or to Europe
  • Traffic data in Europe and in Luxembourg

National calls, texts and MMS messages are included, excluding special numbers, fax and video telephony services. The Fair Usage Policy  is 6,000 national communication units, both to and from Europe for the Tango Smart M/M+, L/L+, XL/XL+ and XXL/XXL+ subscriptions.

The rules on responsible use are applicable to voice calls, texts and MMS messages. You will be charged for communications not included in the package.

The ultra-fast service is available subject to 4G+ coverage and compatible equipment.

For more details and the terms and conditions, please refer to the documents below: