Discover the Vodafone Voyager advantages

If you’re a regular traveller this is the option for you…

With the Vodafone Voyager options you can make the most of roaming in Europe with total peace of mind for just €3.50 per 24 hours. That’s not all: you only pay when you use your phone.

In roaming mode in Europe and there’s no charge at all for receiving texts. Depending on the options, you get:

  • Voice calls included
  • All text messages included
  • 500 MB/day of data

With these options you get competitive roaming tariffs and use as much as you like without having to worry about your bill at the end of the month.

That’s not all - you can also monitor what you use via the My Tango application! You can keep an eye on how you’re using the option as well as being able to switch it on and off free of charge. 

Vodafone VoyagerVodafone Voyager Light Vodafone Voyager Data
Available with old Tango Smart subscriptions* and old Tango Smart LU***Tango K.O, Tango carte GO))Old Tango Smart**, Old Tango Internet Mobile and Tango Pack Connected****
Outgoing calls Included30 minutes Not Included
Incoming calls Included30 minutes Not Included
Text messagesIncluded30Not Included
Data Included (until 500MB/day)30MBIncluded (until 500MB/day)
Price €3.50/day€3.50/day€3.50/day
* All Tango Smart subscriptions taken out before the 07/06/2016.                                              ** Tango Smart subscriptions taken out from the 07/06/2016.*** Tango Smart subscriptions taken out before the 04/04/2017.**** Tango Internet Mobile and Tango Pack Connected subscriptions taken out before the 04/05/2017.

Details and description

Vodafone Voyager is your worry-free, all-in-one roaming solution that helps you making the most of your holidays and travelling in Europe.

Why choose Vodafone Voyager?

  • Free option: you only pay for the days you actually use your phone in roaming.
  • All-in-one worry free roaming solution. Calls, texts and internet are all included.
  • No contract. You can stop your option whenever you like.
  • Cost control: only €3.50/day.

Data traffic is limited to 500MB/day. Once you reach this limit you will be charged per MB according to the EU regulated tariffs applicable. For more information check your rate plan details. We will send texts warning you when you reach the 500MB level.

Check out the list of countries and regions where Vodafone Voyager is available here.

How to subscribe

Through the My Tango app, section "optimise my usage"

Send VR to 62000 (free of charge)

Visit your nearest Tango shop

Contact our Customer Service

Conditions and guarantees

If you are only using data in roaming we have created a low data consumption protection mechanism where Vodafone Voyager will only be charged if you use more than 5MB per day. If you use less than this amount, the data will be charged on a per MB basis.

Signing up

The option only becomes active once you have received a text message confirming that you have signed up for it.

By opting in to Vodafone Voyager, you'll automatically opt out of the monthly spending limit for internet in our Europe zone because you will be using your Luxembourgish price plan.

Increment: 1KB/1KB

Activating the service

The period of 24 consecutive hours is automatically activated on your subscription and you will only be charged €3.50 for 24 hours once you have made or received a call, send an SMS or started a data session while roaming in Europe using a foreigner network. You will then be charged automatically by packs of 24 hours, unless you deactivate the service
If you do not use your phone while roaming, the 24 hour package does not go live and you will not be charged the €3.50.
All the roaming communications (calls, texts and data) included in the Vodafone Voyager option of your choice and not used during the 24 hour period will be lost.

Once you have activated the Vodafone Voyager option for the first time and have used the service -even if it only once- the service is automatically renewed without you having to do anything.

After reaching the daily limit of your Vodafone Voyager Light pack you will be charged according to the EU regulated tariffs applicable for that communication type.

Pack control

For your safety and control we have put in place 2 different mechanisms to control your Vodafone Voyager consumption:

  • Automatic control: we will send you warning texts once you have reached 80% and 100% of your pack consumption.
  • Self control: to know exactly where you are on your Vodafone Voyager pack consumption and how much time you still have left, you can send at any time VR CONTROL to 62000 (free of charge)

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: