During the whole summer, take advantage of the roaming included free of charge in your subscription to set off on holiday with complete peace of mind...

CallsCalls received/made included
Data500 MB of data traffic included*
*Once you exceed this limit, you will be billed per additional MB according to the EU regulated tariffs.  You will receive a text message warning you when you reach the 500 MB threshold.

Zero roaming charges

Want to travel through Europe this summer but not so keen on your phone bill skyrocketing ?
Here's THE solution. Activate your Zero Roaming option and set off with complete peace of mind. The volume of your voice, SMS and Data communications abroad will be deducted directly from your subscription with no extra charges during 30 consecutive days.

Details and description

With the Zero Roaming option, you benefit from 30 consecutive days of no-charge roaming in Europe (list of countries covered). The volume of your roaming voice, SMS and Data communications will be deducted directly from your subscription. Roaming data traffic is limited to 500 MB/day.

When ?

During the summer

  • During this period, the customer benefits from 30 consecutive days of no-charge roaming in Europe.
  • The 30-day period starts as soon as the activation is complete via text or via the MyTango app, even if the customer is not roaming.
  • Any days not used during said period will be lost.
  • Communications made will be deducted from the national communications included in your subscription, with the same due diligence usage rules being applicable.
  • The policy that applies with regard to use with due diligence is the same as that which applies to your national subscription. In addition, data traffic is limited to a maximum of 500 MB/day. All communications not included will be billed on the basis of your rate plan.
  • This promotion applies to customers with a Tango Smart Pro or Tango Smart + Pro subscription, subscribed before 07.06.2016.
  • Valid only for one promotion per subscription.
  • At the end of the promotion, the customer keeps the activated Vodafone Voyager service. The customer can terminate the service by texting "STOP VR" to 62000 (free of charge).

This option is compatible with:

  • Tango Smart Pro and Tango Smart + Pro, subscribed before 07.06.2016

Conditions and guarantees

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following document: