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Data Luxembourg + Europe

Tango Internet Mobile Bizz M €10,26 per month without commitment
1.5 GB
Tango Internet Mobile Bizz L €15,38 per month without commitment
6 GB
Tango Internet Mobile Bizz XL €25,64 per month without commitment
20 GB
Tango Internet Mobile Bizz XXL €51,28 per month without commitment
40 GB

Presentation of the Tango Internet Mobile Bizz subscriptions

Discover ultra-fast 4G Mobile Internet and benefit from a connection of up to 150 Mbps, 10 times faster than 3G!

How to subscribe

Contact our Business Customer Service
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Conditions and guarantees

Tango Internet Mobile Bizz LU subscriptions include data traffic sent and received using the national Tango Mobile network and in Europe.

Charging basis for included monthly volume: 1 KB

Supplementary data traffic is billed per 500 MB increment at €4,27/GB.

Availability of the ultra-fast service is subject to 4G coverage and compatible equipment.

For the rates applicable to other mobile communications, see the details of the Tango Enterprise subscription.

Checking your Data consumption

To help you manage your data consumption, a warning text message will be sent to you automatically, as soon as you have reached 80% of the volume of your monthly rate and another one when you have reached 100%.

Every month started shall be due. Any request to terminate your subscription during a month will become effective only on the first of the following month. When you have reached the data limit included in your rate, you will receive a text message to that effect.

Customers can also check their data consumption at any time by sending "INFO NDC" to 62000.

Mobile Internet services require the use of compatible equipment.

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: