National data

Assess your data consumption
Tango Internet Mobile XL €21,71 per month without commitment
30 GB
Tango Internet Mobile L €12,99 per month without commitment
5 GB
Tango Internet Mobile M €8,63 per month without commitment
1 GB
Tango Internet Mobile S €4,35 per month without commitment
300 MB

Presentation of the Tango Internet Mobile Pro subscriptions

Simply plug your USB stick into your PC to surf and download at ultra-high speed. But that's not all: Tango Mobile Internet also enables you to surf from your mobile phone.

Discover ultra-fast 4G Mobile Internet and benefit from a connection of up to 150 Mbps, 10 times faster than 3G!

Several Tango Mobile Internet subscription options are available. Choose the one that best suits your type of usage:

SubscriptionMonthly volumeData speedMonthly priceCommitment termPrice of data traffic outside the monthly bundle
Tango Internet Mobile S300MB National data trafficUp to 150Mbits/s€4.35/monthn.a.€2.17€ for 150MB
Tango Internet Mobile M1 GB National data trafficUp to 150Mbits/s€8.63/monthn.a.€4.35 for1GB
Tango Internet Mobile L@5GB National data trafficUp to 150Mbits/s€12.99/monthn.a.€4.35 for1GB
Tango Internet Mobile XL@5GB National data trafficUp to 150Mbits/s€21.71/monthn.a.€4,35 for1GB

How to subscribe

Visit your nearest Tango point-of-sale
Contact our Customer Service

Conditions and guarantees

You will be billed for data traffic in excess of the volume included in the bundles.

Availability of the ultra-fast service is subject to 4G coverage and compatible equipment.

Charging basis for included monthly volume: 1 KB

For the rates applicable to other mobile communications, see the details of the Tango K.O. subscription.

Data traffic is not deactivated by default abroad. To discover the options for managing your costs abroad, see the "Options" section.

Managing your Data consumption

To help you manage your data consumption, you will be automatically sent an SMS message warning you when you have reached 80% of the volume included in your monthly bundle, and another when you have reached 100%.

The price will be due for each month started. Any cancellation request during a given month will not enter into effect until the first day of the next month.

You will be sent an SMS message when you have reached the data volume limit included in your bundle.

To request a service cancellation, you will need to call our helpdesk at 80077777.

Customers can also check their usage at any time by texting “INFO NDC” to 62000.


Please note that the costs of using this service abroad will vary depending on the geographical zone you are in.  The costs of using the service abroad can be very high.  You can block roaming traffic to avoid additional charges.  To do so, text the following codes to 62777:

  • to block all roaming traffic (voice, SMS and data): #ROAM#STOP#
  • to unblock all roaming traffic (voice, SMS and data): #ROAM#GO#
  • to check your status: #ROAM#

You will be sent a confirmation SMS message once your order has been received and processed by the system.  Unblocking via SMS is not possible when you are abroad.

For further details and conditions, please refer to the following documents: