• "Be more efficient with fiber speed !"

Which offers are you eligible to?

Download speed (up to)

Day1 4G Connexion

Fixed line


Installation fees offered

Tango Fibre Bizz S or Tango Internet Bizz S €39,99 per month (commitment 24 months)
20 Mbps
Tango Fibre Bizz M or Tango Internet Bizz M €44,99 per month (commitment 24 months)
150* Mbps
Up to €256.41
Tango Fibre Bizz L or Tango Internet Bizz L €54,99 €49,99 per month during 24 months (commitment 24 months)
300* Mbps
Up to €256.41
Tango Fibre Bizz XL €119,99 per month (commitment 24 months)
1 GB
Up to €256.41

Presentation of the Tango Fibre Bizz subscriptions

The Tango Fibre Bizz offers are proposed to fiber customers in Tango unbundled zones, subject to an actual connection at your workplace.

The Tango Internet Bizz offers are proposed to non-eligible customers in unbundled fiber zones.

Why subscribe to Tango Fibre Bizz?

  • Enter the new Internet era and discover faster Internet for less*
  • Access the Internet from the first day, thanks to our "4G Connection Day 1 Bizz" option with its 75 GB free data per month during three months
  • Discover the stability of Tango connection and our communications options for companies !
  • Benefit from extended service hours for your installation, on weekdays and even Saturdays!
  • Simplify your company's life by gathering your fixed and mobile subscriptions on the same receipt and benefit the Bizz discount ! (1)

(1) By subscribing to Tango Fibre Bizz M, L or XL, you receive a €4,27 monthly discount on your Tango Smart L/L+, XL/XL+ and XXL/XXL+ subscription. You can enjoy these customer advantages by activating them at a Tango point-of-sale or by calling our Business Customer Service.

*Subject to the eligibility of your line.

How to subscribe

Contact our Business Customer Service

Contact our Sales team

Details and conditions of the offers

Your subscription to an Internet Bizz offer by Tango is subject to technical eligibility. We will have to visit your workplace to check the feasibility of your request to access a chosen Internet service.

If the outcome of the visit is unfavorable or unsatisfactory, we will propose a new, similar Internet service offer through a subscription confirmation letter, which will serve as a contract between us.

If the new offer doesn't suit you, you can terminate your current Contract by settling the administrative charges only, corresponding to the costs incurred by Tango until the date of the request for termination. The same applies in case you terminate the Contract before the service is activated, regardless of the reason for termination.

Here are the offers of available Tango Fibre Bizz and Tango Internet Bizz services. Find your offer and its features:

Tango Fibre BizzTango Internet Bizz
Download speed (Up to)20 Mbps150 Mbps300 Mbps1 Gbps20 Mbps30/100 Mbps200 Mbps
Upload speed (Up to)10 Mbps75 Mbps150 Mbps500 Mbps768Kbps15/50 Mbps100 Mbps

Data transfer speeds correspond to the nominal speeds indicated in the commercial offers. These are not always the actual speeds that apply to your particular case. The maximum indicated speed is a theoretical speed for a fixed Internet connection. Not all customers reach this speed in practice. The download speed in your workplace mainly depends on the distance between the connection point and the exchange, the availability, the technology, your computer installation and the internal cabling. These factors must be optimal to be able to surf the Internet at the maximum speed.


Tango recommends an optimized device (modem) for its network and the Tango Fibre Bizz services, which you can purchase or lease. If you prefer a different device from the one proposed by Tango, you have to make sure it's compatible with the network. We will not assume any responsibility for the malfunction and/or maintenance of said device.


The installation takes 2 to  4 weeks,  as a general guideline.
We offer you the "4G Connection Day 1 Bizz" service until the installation date so that you can benefit from Tango's mobile Internet network via a mobile hotspot at a preferential rate. The "4G Connection Day 1 Bizz" service is free of charge from the day you sign your Internet Contract for three months, and is limited to 75 GB/month.

Installation + Activation Pack:

The Installation + Activation Pack includes the activation charges (new line, migration) and the installation of an NTP terminal outlet and ONT box in your workplace, the activation of fixed telephony and Internet (installation and configuration of your modem and fixed telephone), the call-out charge of our technicians, and a function text. The internal cabling charge is not included.

Installation + Cabling Pack:

If you don't have the appropriate pre-installed optical-fiber cabling in your workplace and wish to subscribe to a Tango Fibre Bizz offer that requires cabling, you must subscribe to the Installation + Cabling Pack. It includes the activation charges and the installation of an NTP terminal outlet and ONT box at your workplace, the activation of fixed telephony and Internet (installation and configuration of your modem and fixed telephone), the call-out charge of our technicians, and a function text.

Some services are not included and will be billed separately on request. You can ask our technician for a quote.

During a promotional period, if a discount is applied to the Installation Pack or the Installation + Cabling Pack, it will be deducted from your first bill after the successful activation.

Fixed line:

The telephony service is delivered over VoIP technology, unless otherwise indicated.
Before any service activation by Tango, don't forget to check or inform yourself about IP compatibility if you also have a fax machine, an alarm system, or a bank terminal.

Rates for calls from the fixed line:

The "Fixed Communication Pack Bizz" option includes voice calls for all the company to fixed and mobile numbers in Luxembourg, Europe (38 destinations), United-States and Canada, except premium-rate numbers. The subscription is for a minimum term of six months.

Any out of pack consumption, or communication not included in the "Fixed Communication Pack Bizz" will be invoiced according to the applicable rates.

International Option:

The "International Option" offers 50% discount on your voice calls to a selection of countries : Argentina, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Russia, Siam, South Africa, Taïwan, Turkey et Singapour.

For further details and conditions, please refer to the documents below: