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Tango Complet ProTango K.O.


The all-in solution for the self-employed and small businesses.


Tango Complet Pro, the all-in offer: mobile and fixed telephony and Internet up to 100 Mbps. Self-employed professionals, small businesses: group all your communications in a single package to benefit from the best rates and numerous advantages.

Detailed description

Tango Complet Pro: your mobile and fixed-line communications and Internet access in a single package reserved for self-employed professionals and businesses with fewer than 10 users.


Internet : Check whether you are eligible!

  • Tango ADSL speed of 5, 10, 15 or 20 Mbps*
  • Tango Blue speed of 30, 50 or 100 Mbps*
  • Latest generation modem included
  • Unlimited download volume
  • Up to 5 e-mail addresses included
  • Internet Backup Service



  • Free national calls from your Tango mobile to the Tango Mobile network, 24/7**
  • Benefit from the Tango Business rate plan
  • Possibility of adding communication options



  • Free calls from your fixed line to all national fixed networks, 24/7**
  • Possibility of handling up to 3 calls simultaneously
  • 2 hours of free calls to fixed lines in Europe, the United States and Canada (see the full list of countries)**
  • Benefit from the Tango Business Fix rate plan


And enjoy unique advantages such as:

  • Tango's Business Customer Service at the ready to respond to all your requests
  • Internet Backup Service (in case of a failure of your fixed Internet connection, you remain connected and operational thanks to the 3G mobile network)
  • Installation charges offered for free (excluding call-out charge, indoor cabling and parameterization and configuration of your computer equipment)
  • A single bill for all your mobile, fixed-line and Internet communications
  • A wide choice of professional-grade mobile and fixed-line phones


All unlimited services must be used fairly and with due diligence in accordance with the conditions set out in the "Conditions & Guarantees" tab.



*Subject to your fixed line being eligible for the technology chosen. The speeds available depend on certain technical parameters such as the distance between your connection point and the telephone exchange, your computer installation and your indoor cabling. The maximum speeds cannot, therefore, be guaranteed in all cases.

**Excluding special numbers and premium rate numbers. The mobile advantage applies to up to 2 SIM cards.



Tango Complet Pro service rates (depending on the Internet connection speed):


The combined Tango Complet Pro offer includes fixed* and mobile telephony and Internet.



Customers eligible for the Tango network

Tango Complet Pro Service Price of the Pack (mobile + Internet + fixed)
Tango ADSL up to 20 Mbps with analog line €33.90/month
Tango ADSL up to 20 Mbps with ISDN line €38.25/month
Tango Blue with VDSL up to 30 Mbps €43.47/month
Tango Blue with Fiber up to 30 Mbps €43.47/month
Tango Blue with Fiber up to 100 Mbps €52.16/month
Tango Blue with Fiber up to 200 Mbps €65.21/month


Customers not eligible for the Tango network

Tango Complet Pro Service Price** of the Pack (mobile + Internet + fixed)
Tango ADSL up to 5 Mbps €36.61/month
Tango ADSL up to 10 Mbps €50.87/month
Tango ADSL up to 15 Mbps €73.74/month

*Fax available only for Tango ADSL and Tango Blue VDSL 30 Mbps connections
**The subscription for your fixed line is not included; you will be billed for it by P&T (analog line: €16/month or ISDN line: €22/month)


Rates for the FRITZ!Box 7490 modem:

  • If purchased: €77.40, two-year guarantee
  • If leased: €2.61/month, replacement in case of break-down or failure during the entire lease or contract period


Calling rates:

To find out the rates applicable to calls from a mobile or fixed-line number, please refer to the list of rates available in the BizzCorners.


Rates for the other services:

  • Installation and configuration by a certified Tango technician: included
  • For the call-out charges, consult our Call-out charges list.


Check here whether you are eligible

The result of this test is given solely by way of indication.*


*The consultation and assessment tools currently available to alternative operators to define the coverage zones are not 100% reliable. Whether or not your fixed line is eligible will therefore be communicated to you upon activation of your fixed line and after a number of technical tests.

All prices are without VAT. A 24-month commitment period applies. Service offer reserved for professionals.

How to subscribe

To subscribe to Tango Complet Pro, go to a BizzCorner, the sales and advice space dedicated to businesses.

To make an appointment, contact our Business Customer Service by telephone at 27 777 377 or by e-mail at


Specific options for the Tango Complet Pro offer



  • Benefit from a wide choice of professional-grade mobile phones of the latest generation
  • Also benefit from a large choice of fixed-line phones for professionals
  • Additional phone numbers for the fixed line: €3.39/month/number*
  • Traditional option: analog line: €6.07/month and ISDN line: €11.29/month**
  • Fax included in all Tango ADSL offers, without additional charges